Tutorial – Draw the Path – Unity Game

Draw the Path for Android

Reskin Tutorial

Created: 05/08/2017

By: Luis Revilla

Email: luisrevcoding@gmail.com

For sale: In Stock, here.

Thank you for purchasing my game. If you have any questions that are beyond the scope of this help file, please email me.

Table of Contents

1. Game Overview
2. Getting started
3. Change images and sounds
4. Open Unity project from project folder
5. Change URL for Rate button
6. Enabling AdMob advertising
7. Changing App name, package name and icons
8. Build android APK with Unity Editor


1. Game Overview

Draw the road and avoid obstacles, get coins to buy characters.



  • Endless level.

  • 8 characters.

  • Character shop.

  • Coins for unlocking all characters in game.

  • Rate button.

  • Sound on/off button.

  • Easy to customize.


  • Admob banner and interstitials.

What You Get:

  • Unity Project (full source code), written in C# language.

  • Documentation (pdf file).

2. Getting started

1. You will learn how to prepare the game for submission.

2. After downloading the source code of my game, unzip DrawthePath-v1.0-android.zip file.

Contains the following structure:

DrawthePath-v1.0-android/Demo/ : Demo of the game, apk file.

DrawthePath-v1.0-android/Documentation/ : Documentation of the game.

DrawthePath-v1.0-android/DrawthePath-Unity-Admob-full-source-code-v1.0/ : Unity Project with AdMob, full source code.

DrawthePath-v1.0-android/Resource-files/ : It includes source files for images and sounds.

3. Change images and sounds

The graphics and sounds contain copyright you are responsible for preparing new

graphics and sounds. They are located in the following folders:




The icons for android are located in the directory


You can use any graphic editor such as Photoshop or Gimp.

4. Open Unity project from project folder

You must install the Unity program and unzip the source code of the game, follow these steps:

1. Open Unity Editor.

2. Press Open button and select DrawthePath folder.


3. If this message is displayed, continue.

4. Open scene DrawthePath from Project window.

Project → Assets → DrawthePath

5. Select DrawthePath file and double click as shown in the following figure.


5. Change URL for Rate button

You must add your web address or package name of your game in the Rate button, as shown below.

1. In the Hierarchy window select MainMenuCanvasRateButtonText.

2. In the Inspector window, add new web address or package name.



6. Enabling AdMob advertising

If you do not want to activate advertising you can skip this step.

You need to have any of the following AdMob ad unit:

– Admob banner ad unit.

– Admob interstitial ad unit.

1. In the Hierarchy window, select ScriptsObject.

2. In the Inspector window, select the script Advertising, add your AdMob banner

and interstitial as shown in the following figure.

Banner Unitid = Admob banner ad unit.

Interstitial Unitid = Admob interstitial ad unit.

7. Changing App name, package name and icons

1. Open Build Settings and select Player Settings in the options menu.

File → Build Settings

2. In the Inspector window, replace DrawthePath with your own App name and icons.

3. In the Inspector window select Other Settings, replace com.lcoding.drawthepath with your own package name .

4. In the Inspector window select Publishing Settings, use existing keystore or create new keystore.

8. Build android APK with Unity Editor

Build the completed game and deploy it to the Google Play store.

1. Press Build from Build Settings window.

2. Create the apk file which can be uploaded to Google Play.