SOS Call – Emergency Numbers App Template

This application will allow you to make calls from your mobile phone to emergency phone numbers of firefighters, hospitals, etc. and from several countries. The information added to the web administration where you can also send notifications to users who use the Android application.

The documentation and video tutorials are online, you can see it here.

Tutorial – SOS Call – Emergency Numbers App Template

Created: 11/12/2017

Author by: Luis Revilla



1. Getting started

This tutorial will help you install and configure “SOS Call – Emergency Numbers” App for Android and web administration.

This application will allow you to make calls from your mobile phone to emergency phone numbers of firefighters, hospitals, etc. and from several countries. The information added to the web administration where you can also send notifications to users who use the Android application.

To make it works correctly follow the next steps:

1. Create a project in Google Firebase and download the file “google-services.json” and the  “Server Key”.

2. Install and configure the Web Administration on your shared server hosting or VPS.

3. Create the Android application for the Android Studio project.

2. Create a Firebase Project

Access firebase account ( ).

1. Create a new project with the name of the package, and you will use it for the Android Studio project.

2. Access the project settings go to the option “General” download the file “google-services.json” and copy it into the Android Studio project in the folder


Access the “Cloud Messaging” option and copy the “Server Key,” it will be used in the web administration later.

3. Install and configure web administration


1. Linux server, shared server hosting or VPS.

2. Php version 5.5 or higher.

3. Mysql database.


1. Top most visited Countries and Categories.

2. Sections to add countries, categories and telephone numbers.

3. Sending Firebase notifications.

4. Responsive Web Design, based on BootStrap.

3.1 Create database

You must create the database, username and password on your web server.

3.2 Upload the files to the web server

Copy the files to web server located in the folder


The site-content/uploads/ folder and the site-config.php file copied to the server must have read/write permissions for owner.

3.3 Web administration installation

Open your web browser and paste the link where the web administrator will install.

3.4 Add firebase Server Key to admin panel

Add the firebase Server Key on the web administrator in Settings section.

3.5 Translation

Text to translate are located in strings-admin.php file.


4. Build Android application (Android Studio Project)


1. Android Studio v3.0.1

2. Android SDK.


1. Android Native App (Android Studio Project).

2. You can make personalized calls from the application.

3. Working in Online/Offline Mode.

4. AdMob banner and Interstitial.

5. Favorites list.

6. Share social networking button.

7. Rate button.

8. Privacy policy button.

4.1 Paste google-services.json file in Android Studio

google-services.json file that you downloaded from Firebase (see section 2), paste it to the folder ../SosCallEmergencyNumbers_Android_Studio/app/

4.2 Open Android Studio project

Run Android Studio and open the project that is located in folder  ../SosCallEmergencyNumbers_Android_Studio/

Show the following error (image below). You have to rename package name.

4.3 Rename package name and application id

Select folder and access the “Refactor → Rename” options menu as show in following image.

It will show a window where you should place the new name of the package, as shown in the following figures, just follow the sequence.

The package name is located in AndroidManifest file.

Rename the applicationId with the new package name, is located in../SosCallEmergencyNumbers_Android_Studio/build.gradle file.

4.4 Replace icons and images

You must change the icons of the application and notifications that are located in ../SosCallEmergencyNumbers_Android_Studio/app/src/main/res/mipmap/ and ../SosCallEmergencyNumbers_Android_Studio/app/src/main/res/drawable/  folders.

4.5 Rename application name

Change the application name in  ../SosCallEmergencyNumbers_Android_Studio/app/src/main/res/values/strings.xml file.

Find the following line.

<string name=”app_name”>SOS Call – Emergency Numbers</string>

4.6 Add your server url

Add the url of your server in /SosCallEmergencyNumbers_Android_Studio/app/src/main/java/apps/com/emergencynumbers/ file.

Change the value of variable in

public static String urlserver = “http://localhost/”; // Add slash at the end of url

4.7 Other changes

You must change the following values in ../SosCallEmergencyNumbers_Android_Studio/app/src/main/res/values/strings.xml file.

1. app_package_share = Pakage name.

2. app_privacy_policy_url = App privacy policy url.

4.8 Translation

Text to translate are located in  ../SosCallEmergencyNumbers_Android_Studio/app/src/main/res/values/strings.xml file.

5. AdMob (Optional)

Paste your AdMob banner id, interstitial id and app id in  ../SosCallEmergencyNumbers_Android_Studio/app/src/main/res/values/strings.xml file.

You must enter the following values.

admob_app_id = AdMob app id.

admob_banner_adunit_id = AdMob banner.

admob_Interstitials_adunit_id = AdMob interstitials.

The display rate can be changed in SosCallEmergencyNumbers/app/src/main/java/apps/com/emergencynumbers/ file.

    // Admob

    public static int COUNT_INTERSTITIAL = 2;

6. Generate apk to publish in Google Play

Go to “Build → Generate Signed Apk” and create apk file for your android app.

7. How does this work?

Follow the following steps.

1. Access the webadmin.

2. Enter the countries section and add a new nation to an image that represents the flag of the combined state and the “Iso Code 3166” for more information “tap here.”


France  FR

Germany DE

3. Enter the categories section and add a new category.

4. Enter the telephone numbers section, add a new telephone number you must select a category and country.

5. Enter the configuration section in the option “Update Mobile Data” click on the “Update” button. Every change you make in the countries, categories or telephone numbers segments you must repeat this step.

6. The android app will load the server information.

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