Buy Chaos in the City – Unity 3D Game

Chaos in the City is a game developed in Unity 5 comes with 6 months of support, full source code, 3d objects, images and sounds.
You can make changes to images and sounds to publish on google play.

How to Play:

Control different monsters and destroy the small town, earn points and coins for the unlock monsters. Be careful of the police and the army trying to stop you.

Preview Trailer.

Web preview (WebGL/Html5)


  • Unity 3D Project (full source code), written in C# language.
  • Admob banner, interstitials and rewarded videos.
  • Random levels.
  • 8 characters.
  • Character shop.
  • Coins for unlocking all characters in game.
  • Earn coins by watching videos.
  • Free gifts.
  • Points.
  • Rate button.
  • Sound on/off button.
  • Easy to customize.